Botanique Trichology

Damage Repair Conditioner (213)


What it is

A natural based formula with certified organic extracts that leaves your hair feel luxurious. Repairing and intense moisturizing effect for velvety smoothness. 

Contains organic extracts and botanical ingredients include Kukui Nut Oil, Grapefruit Seed, and Aloe Barbadensis extracts, enriched by Allantoin and Olive oil.

No artificial colorants, Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free, Biodegradable.

How To Use 

Apply a healthy dose of Botanique Trichology Damage Repair Conditioner (213) over damp hair, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Leave it for 1-2 minutes for the products to do magic then rinse thoroughly.


Immediately stop using if you feel irritation or abnormal after use. 

Use as soon as possible after opening.

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